Artist's statement

Color and shape have always been an essential part of my life, the best way for me to express my innermost and deepest feelings. My first medium of expression was drawing and painting, but I soon discovered that volume is an essential part of my working process. Color, however, remains important, that is why I often paint my sculptures, whether they be in wood, plaster or acrylic resin.


I usually build my statues in clay and cast them in plaster that I then paint. Since I arrived in Oregon, I discovered polyurethane resins and am now using them either with bronze powder  or wood powder. I like clay modeling as it allows me to build a piece from the inside out, slowly adding volume. I like to use small balls of clay that leave a texture on the surface of my work. I also like the earthy feeling of the clay. I find my inspiration in the world around me and in my dreams. I like my sculptures to talk to the spectator without need for explanation, that is why most of my work is figurative.

As I have traveled extensively and have a special interest in foreign civilizations, art and philosophy, I often find inspiration in my reminiscence of places that I have visited or people that crossed my path, their lives, hopes, fears and longings. I would like my work to be a link between East and West.